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How can I tell who is a real BVG Viking in the game?
Every Viking has an orange name tag and the BVG logo.

I have seen a Viking in the game, are they allowed to talk to players?
Sometimes players may see Vikings who are testing out updates or resolving issues across the game. They may be in the middle of testing so are unable to stay and chat to players.

There are no price guides in the game, how do I check the price of an item that is no longer in store?
While there are no price guides available for YoWorld’s items, there are a few ways to see what the market value for an item is:

  • Check the average cost of the item on the Auction House
  • Visit the Discord Price Check Channel
  • Post on the Yoworld Trading Forums

How do I get more item slots to wear more items on my avatar?
At the bottom of the Edit Appearance menu, you can click “Add More” to purchase more item slots. The max is 35 slots.

What does layering items on the avatar mean?
You are able to customize almost everything on your Yo Avatar. Therefore you can wear / layer multiple items on top of each other. For example, you can put on one blonde hair and then add a black hair in a different style on top of it. The only thing you can not layer are skins, which rest below all clothing items.

Where can I find a list of all the themes that have been released by BVG?
Master Theme List –

Why do I have to add players to complete some challenges in the game?
Some Challenges in game require you to interact with others – and it’s recommended you connect with friends to help with other features like gifting! You can of course delete players you add for Challenges, if you choose to do so.

What do I do to keep my account Safe?
Please refer to the following forum topic:
YoWorld Forums • View topic – [NEWS] Protect Yo Self (May 6, 2021)

Can you tell me the Theme codes for me to search for items easier?
YoWorld Forums • View topic – [THEME CODES] YAWL Master List!

How do I level up?
Leveling up in YoWorld requires YoPoints, which are mostly earned through decorating! The first time an item is purchased it is considered ‘new’. When placed into a room for the first time, new items will provide YoPoints.

How do I get yocash?
YoCash is a premium currency, and can be purchased through various deals in game – or through the Add Yocash tab in the upper left hand corner of the game window! YoCash can also be earned through our Video Ads feature, which exchanges viewed ads for in-game currency!
What are the various icons on my game panel?

What are stickers?
Stickers are similar to emojis that can be used in chat! To access your stickers, just click the smiley face directly next to the Send button on your chat bar.

How do I access actions (etc)?
Actions are special emotes your character can perform, and can be accessed by clicking the Player Actions icon, directly to the right of the Send button. From there you’ll see a list of various actions you can take, including the option to purchase additional actions.

What are idles and walking actions?
Idles are animations your avatar will perform when standing still, and walking actions are special animations your avatar will perform when moving around a room! You can change all of these settings in your Player Actions menu.

How can I make coins?
Coins are earned in a variety of ways, from decorating rooms to completing challenges. You can also earn coins in the factory via your factory workers, or by completing jobs.

What are Hot Dogs and how do I use them?
Hot Dogs are a special item that will boost your productivity in the Factory! You can earn them by going to the Factory and selecting a friend to give a Hot Dog to from your list of Factory workers!

How do I shop for items no longer in the Stores?
Once an item is no longer available in the store, the best way to find it is by trading with other players! Many items out of circulation find their way onto the Auction House – but if you’re looking for a specific item, you can always host an in-game event to find players who may be willing to trade with you.

Why are there no hairs offered for coins?
There are! We have several hairs in the Salon that can be purchased for coins, and you can search through various themes in our hair styles to see what coin options are available.