VIP Migration Process

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What is VIP?
VIP Membership is a monthly recurring subscription product in exchange for “real money.” This is a transaction between you and Facebook/Xsolla and Big Viking Games is not a party. If you purchase virtual currency or virtual items, you are agreeing to Facebook’s or Xsolla’s (our payment providers) terms relating to recurring payments. You are free to cancel your automatic renewal at any time, and will continue to enjoy the benefits of the subscription until your renewal date. Please note that in some cases, it may take up to 15 minutes after subscription for VIP benefits to become available to you. Old Facebook VIP memberships will be canceled automatically during the VIP migration process and remaining days will be added to the new plan.

Does the yocash in the VIP rewards ever change over time?
Our new VIP rewards are now provided at the start of the month, and no longer update or increase from week to week.

Can I downgrade my VIP Subscription after I subscribe?
Due to the way our payment system updates, it is possible to upgrade but not downgrade to a lower VIP tier. If you’d like to downgrade your subscription, you’ll need to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe to the tier you prefer.

Is this new VIP system on
Our new VIP system is only available on

How do I migrate my subscription from FB to
Once you log into you’ll be prompted with a notice to upgrade your VIP to our new service. From there you’ll be given three tiers to choose from, and what kind of billing cycle you prefer. Any time you have on your existing plan will carry over to this new plan, so you won’t lose out on any of the time you’ve invested into the old VIP system if you happened to subscribe for a yearly subscription on our old plan.

What happens if I get a subscription on and then go back to YW-FB
No matter which platform you log into, you’ll still receive the rewards you subscribe to. Just keep in mind that you can only receive VIP rewards by subscribing through

What happens if my new VIP subscription on has payment issues?
Depending on the kind of issue you’re encountering, you’ll likely need to contact the payment service you’re having trouble with. Your best bet is to submit a ticket to our support team so that we can determine what kind of issue you’re having, and direct you to the appropriate customer service team.